There is a very common problem faced by people who switch their  jobs or join  a new job , first day at work.

What i think it was the most  toughest day of the entire tenure of job, because  new person  in phase of knowing people over there, observing the attitude and behavior of people in new work place . It is an organization’s   responsibility  to make employee feel welcoming .

An organization has chance to make a good first impression with the new hire, and the first few days will leave a lasting impression. Making new employees feel welcome will result in high employee loyalty and retention and will be reflected in your bottom line.keep-calm-and-enjoy-your-new-office

For that, any company can implant new strategies and plan to make new employee comfortable.

  • Make plan to introduce  the new comers.
  • Train the existing employee to accept the new person with open mind and with friendly environment.3
  • Give a round up to the place briefly.
  • Make an place for socializing with colleague.
  • Define their team before their joining.   
  • Make their work station lively.   inchoo-office-1

However, on the other hand it is very important  that the new person new the appreciate the company`s effort with open arms and tried to merge in the culture of organization.

with wishes best of luck to all out their for new join.



Relationship <3

we are in the world with a lot of relations. some are close to our hearts and some are not. there are some relation which we find according to our mind, nature and compatibility.

after a certain stage of life you need some one who completes you in


all manner. finding a person like that on right time is a blessing .when two people fall in love for them world get beautiful and they don’t want anything accepts their loved one. being in love is a wonderful feeling,when any one fell in love he or she find everything nicer.

but the problem in fall in love or being in relationship is honesty and loyalty when  one start cheating on other or start looking for someone else. its terrible for the other when he or she find out , their believe from love and people will break and they never able to love again with the same capacity.

these days we generally find this type of love where no one is certain about their love life, even they are not ready to take stand fro their love and leaving each other are so easy.

please think once when you fell in love!!!!

love is the amazing feeling dont waste for anyone who don’t deserver it

changing ethics


today i m writing about the dramatical change came in our cultural ethics. our society usually have some cultural background and have some  built in manners but now due to change in the soeity and and so called adaptive cultural people come and get rooted to us change the basic manners of Asian cultural and convert it into west picture

kids have no manner they arise and educated by maids

women have no responsibility of home

man`s are only looking for barbie dolls not for wife who make their life and houses

kids have no respect for grandparent and even children have no time for their old parents

this is the time we need to wake up and spread a word for our culture and save our owing

energy which bring positivity

sun is the symbol of positivity and its showers positive energy whole day and that’s why mostly negative things, problems  ended when sun showed his face to world. Sun heathen up those negative thoughts which evil bring in our mind and his energy burn it out.

On the other hand moon apparently shows peace but it contain negative energy and it releases negativity and its disperses those negative vibes. People never realized how much these negative vibes affect them.SunMoonStars1